Profile | Anirudh B Balotiaa

cropped-Photo-30-07-16-10-30-52-AM.jpgHello, I am Anirudh B Balotiaa working as a UX (User eXperience) Designer at Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

How I ended up in this amazing field of UX ?

During a major re-org of the current structure of teams, I was asked to state my interest so that a suitable team and a role could be figured. Since I am on my mobile 24×7, exploring various apps, having some idea based on my experience as to why an app works or doesn’t work for me, I mentioned UX/UI and lo and behold there was an existing (not very old) UX-UI team already. I grabbed the opportunity and as some wise person said – the rest is history! Ok, I have not yet done something remarkably to create history but then its an analogy and I am sure you got it! 🙂

Why a site and why this name “uxbyintent” ? 

First question is a no-brainer, technology has made sharing and learning super easy. Especially for designers, its critical to put our work online to get bouquets and brickbats, both of which help us immensely to grow. Though it took me a while to get this started (heard of procrastination?!) I am glad its better late than never.

On the domain name of “uxbyintent”,  one thing which is inevitable around is User experience, whether we intent or not. More often that not it becomes unintentional and it shows in the quality of the experience. As a UX designer myself, its always been my endeavor to intentionally create the best experience rather than leaving it to chance. So, everything I do there is a reason and an intent to it. One can always discuss whether that was wrong or right, but intent there is!

What problem am I attempting to solve by this site? 

For me, one big mindset shift which happened since being a Product/UX Designer is that I tend to apply the lens of “What problem am I trying to solve”..this applies to everything from designing products/flows/feature-adds/processes, etc. It has helped me tremendously to focus where it matters instead of focusing on things that don’t matter in the long run.

A website like this which essentially is a product for me through which I am trying to spread awareness/evangelising myself as a Product/UX Designer.

So it was important to figure out why I am doing this and what do I expect from it.

A few things I have in mind which this website is intended to solve for –

1. Gives me a digital presence which is significantly different from the ones on various Social Media platforms. It is more focused for a few use-cases than trying to give everyone, something.

2. Single place to get a glimpse of my CV, few of my work, thoughts on various topics through the blog and a bit of my personal side. Otherwise people would need to go through various avenues to get a fair picture of me.

3. Side-project, this website took me an year to reach where it exists. Initially it started with a free WordPress version, then I changed to a different theme, struggled to tailor it, eventually trashed it as it was not working as I wanted it to be and then bought a better theme which was much more user-friendly and easy to customise to fit my needs.

Its been very challenging at times as I was just not getting what I wanted, but with steady persistance I am very happy as to how it exists now. It has give me a worthwhile side project and also the satisfaction of starting something from scratch, an absolute blank canvas.

Why a Blog?

Though I have been blogging on and off since 2007, I have always been a fan of this medium. One can pour whatever one feels without being conscious that some one may judge it. And I have found writing to be very de-stressing and also since I love reading which complements my writing, or so I hope and intend, it all adds up perfectly.

Why a Blog on UX?

Even though my work is mainly in the Enterprise software across devices (PC, Mobile. Table, etc) and platforms (Windows, Android, iOS, etc) UX is everywhere, literally everywhere. Anything, anywhere where you experience something, anything comes under UX purview. Be it a software application, be it mobile apps, be it a website, be it dining at a restaurant, be it using a gadget, be it using your tooth-paste, etc its all about the experience and all about design and how both complement each other.

To quote Tony Robbins “Where ever focus goes, energy flows.”

Being in UX has made me aware of things which earlier I would take it for granted or things which were so obvious that I won’t actually notice it.

This blog will be a journey of my experience (good and bad) with varied of experiences (mostly tech/software/apps related) I come around and what I can or learnt from it.

What else interests you apart from what is mentioned above?

I am a total foodie and very active on Zomato (Yelp equivalent for India and other regions). Recently, I also started my own food blog ( to share all the food experiences. Also, I love to capture Photos (and share on Instagram and other social media) of interesting things, experiences, people I come across. So much can be said in one frame.

Hop on and let the experience unfold!