UX Audit – Practo, Part-2 (Android) | Anirudh B Balotiaa

Note – This is a continuation of Part-1 where I had covered iOS app. I highly suggest reading that first to get a context, even though you may not be using an iOS app. 

I constantly switch between devices on any given day. The device I use is the one which is the most near and accessible to me at any given point of me.

At work it may be my desktop. On the couch/bed it may be my iPad. While on the move or waiting in some queue, it may be my phones (iPhone and Android). So when I move between devices, I want to feel familiar with the experience I get while browsing any product – website/app.

Unfortunately I am yet to find that familiarity with Practo.

To recap the IA (Information Architecture) or the structure of it on various platforms –

You see how disconnected each of them actually is.

Its like three different teams who designed it and each term located in a remote corner of the world. Broken way of working. Very.

What’s even more surprising is that after their much publicized re-branding, I thought the experience across various platforms would have been fixed and made consistent. Alas, it was not.

Anyways, since we cannot make the product decisions, lets see what they have the Android experience.

Landing Screen


The interface is pretty clean with a good use of white spaces. The various shades of blue add a layer of serenity in it. Just to nit-pick, if you see the icon used for each kind of service, its the lighter blue which is on top of the darker shade. But in ‘Chat with a doctor online”, its the darker shade which is on top. For consistency they could have continued to have the lighter blue part on top.

Right on top my mind the problem which comes is that I cant see my upcoming/history of appointments. Since more often than not we usually revisit our existing doctors, it makes sense so that we can book a repeat appointment in no time and without hunting for the Doctor’s name or History.

At some level, I feel the ONE THING, the ONE USP of the product is missing in the decisions the Designers\Product Managers have taken as everything appears to be at the same level of importance. As an example, is Booking Appointment same as Adding a Medical Record? These are two different activities all-together. Which gives me an idea of a Feature, where-in after the appointment(Non-cancelled, though there is a problem, since there is no way of “check-in” I may not Cancel the appointment and yet not go which essential means I cancelled it from my end but didn’t do the same on the app) Practo prompts via a Notification to add the Invoice/Prescription and so on.

For first time/new users may be they can ask what the user wishes to see upfront. Or based on my past usage show me those things first. Say I only use the app for making appointments, in that case show me upfront my upcoming and history of appointments along with the option to also search for a Doctor.

As for “Chat with a doctor online”, thinking aloud, it may make sense to incorporate this while I am looking to book an appointment for a Doctor.

Coming to the bottom navigation, I really think Home should be Appointments as I presume Booking/Looking for Doctors might be the most frequent use-case for Practo especially on a Mobile device.

Now coming to  –

Your List

First, “Your List” is a term which makes very little sense. Its a list of what? Secondly, when I open this for the very first time, I see the above screen, this again makes no sense and I don’t get any idea what kind of details they want and what’s in it for me. And all this under “Your List”, I have no idea why.

As a user, this is one Tab which I will never use and same space could have been used for something else.


This is a much better caption, than what it is on iOS which is “Know”.

I like that they have divided it into two tabs – Health Articles and Health Q&A. I wish they do the same on iOS which is just a single list and I don’t remember where is the section for “Health Q&A”, if at all it exists.


Frankly I would have preferred the caption ‘Profile” or “My Profile” or “Me” the way it is on the iOS app. “Anirudh” or the name of the user as a Tab feels odd. Just doesn’t feel right.

Except basic details of the user, none of the other options are easy to discover the way they are placed now. May be even Medical Records also can be placed here. Though there is a small mistake in the text under Medical Records, it says “Record Shared by Dr. P. Harihara Murthy” but when I click it, it changes to “Record added by you for so and so Doctor/Clinic”, this is correct and should be retained at first level also. I assume it shows the last added record on the first level.

Why would I come to “Profile” page for Reminders, Saved Articles, Orders, etc? Remembering that they are placed here is not a natural mental model or mapping in my opinion.

It would be good if there is a way to Import photos from FB/Twitter, etc.

So to conclude, the experience of Practo is quite inconsistent between iOS and Android, as discovered so far.

In my next (Part-3) and concluding part of this UX Audit series, I would cover their Web experience and see how it resembles or is different from their iOS and Android experience.