Operating Principle & Plan for 2018 | Anirudh B Balotiaa

Another year has passed. We all have grown another year older.

What I love about New Year is the ability to start afresh. Ability to introspect in how the year went and the ability to plan for the new year in how I want to be.

Needless to say not everything goes as per plan. But as long as you stay on track of whatever you wished out to do/accomplish, it is OK for the plan to change. In hindsight it actually seems better that the plan got changed.

I will not talk about 2017 and how it went as I have started to not look backwards too much and instead focus on the path which lies ahead and how I can make the most of it.

There are broadly 3 areas where I really want to stay on track in 2018 —

  1. Year of no shopping

    I had done this in 2015 and some part of 2016 and found immense satisfaction. Then the consumer in me took over and thanks to marketing and sales all around, I gave in. 🙁

    Coming 2018 except Groceries, Knowledge (Books, courses, etc) and Travel, I intend not to spend on anything else. Which means no giving gifts (beyond immediate family), no shopping (clothes, shoes, etc)

    Based on my past experience, it should not be difficult. Though one reward which I am keeping to ensure likelihood of achieving this is to splurge in Jan 2019. 🙂

    2. Year of giving away things I have and don’t use

    Related to the first one, but here its more about de-cluttering the space around me and not getting attached to things.

    One would be very surprised by the amount of things we cling by fooling our-self that ‘someday we will need it’. That day never comes.

    3. Buying books only if I have nothing else to read

    This may contradict what I mentioned in first point that I will spend on Books. Allow me to explain…I add books regularly to my ‘Wishlist’ on Amazon. There is usually a very strong reason I add that particular book to. But the ratio of what I add, to what I buy, to what I read, is quite skewedI may add 100 books, buy 20 of them and read half of that. Oh and I also have books which I bought earlier but yet to read. Got the drift?

    So this year, until I finish all the books which are lying unopened I am not going to buy any more books. Let me do justice to what I bought first.

    This year for the first time I started to abandon books which felt like a drag or which I just couldn’t/didn’t wanted to read anymore. Earlier I used to force myself but then it yield to nothing. A total of 9 books I let go and it felt as if a burden has been reduced.

    Currently I am swiftly progressing (mostly) through 7 books which I will end up finishing in 2018.

    I have also added the books which I bought in 2017 but haven’t read yet. These also I have added to a separate shelf(goodreads) for better tracking.

    Books is one category where it feels OK to go overboard and spend, but its also important to read what you already have instead of keep buying more and more.

    4. Writing


    I honestly believe Writing is one skill which is so critical for all of us and yet so under-rated, under-recommended and hardly promoted.

    Writing has helped me a lot and especially as a Product Designer, its one skill which I want inculcate on a daily basis.

    So be it here on Medium/Blog (personal) and/or using a Journal, I am doubling down on Writing in 2018.

    So what are you looking forward to 2018?