LinkedIn, you need to promote this more! | Anirudh B Balotiaa


Let me set the content in the form of a preamble and share what I saw on LinkedIn and what sparked this post.

So as I do almost daily, I open LinkedIn on my Laptop and I see this —

Nothing extra-ordinary right?

Next natural action is to scroll down or in design speak, I go ‘below the fold’ to go through my feed and what I saw blew me away —

Do you see what I am talking about? “Your 2-minute Daily Bite”!

Stupid of me to not notice this earlier, or rather stupid of LinkedIn to not put this where it deserves/belongs — right on the landing page/above the fold, where it wont be missed!

After noticing this, I now check back LinkedIn not only daily, but many times a day just to refresh and see what other video comes up.

The sad part is that this video is not always there, many a times, its replaced by an ad or a footer or something. Which frankly is a less judicious use of space which is always at a premium in this age of distraction.

This is such a powerful hook and I am really surprised LinkedIn is not milking it enough.

Lets evaluate the Thumbnail in a bit more detail —

“Your 2-minute Daily Bite” — Gives me an indicator as to how much time I would need to spend on this. Brilliant. Though the actual video is only 1m 40s, I suppose 2 minute is more appropriate from a consistency stand point than saying “Your 1m 40s..”, but I digress.

“LinkedIn Logo along with LEARNING” — This is clearly their branding for LinkedIn Learning. Excellent.

“Play Icon” — Indicates its a video, clearly.

“Master the Job Search” — considering a major Persona of LinkedIn would be Job Seekers, this is a click-bait, in a good way.

“A small description of what the video is about and the actual duration” — Never hurts to explain a bit as to what the video is about and the actual duration. This clearly sets the expectation for the user.

Not only this one, but every video of LinkedIn of this kind is hard not to click.

Which again begs me to wonder, why is it not right on landing page?

Now lets see as a User of LinkedIn, what are my main Scenarios or reason to come to LinkedIn, in no particular order or frequency of usage —

  1. Make new connections, whether its our peers, friend (other or related industry) or people who can potentially help us in future or with whom we share some common ground.
  2. Look for a new job/be aware of the opportunities around, fairly common scenario for many.
  3. Catch up/follow on interesting people/articles/view-points. Kudos to LinkedIn for doing a fantastic job on this one. This was non-existent not too long ago.
  4. Up-skill oneself. This is what the video I mentioned above is all about.

For all practical purpose, my hypothesis is that majority of the people on LinkedIn are either in the hunt for a new job or are looking for something related to it. (Even for other Personas say Recruiters there are enough topics which they can benefit from.)

Finding a new job is no less than a project, it can take weeks, months, even years. Lot of pieces need to fall in place, be it in the form of connections/referrals, Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviews and so on. And at every stage more help or learning is required and not less.

In today’s age where things are changing so rapidly, it has become mandatory to stay updated and constantly up-skill ourselves or become irrelevant for any job.

This is yet again where the 2/4/5 minute video comes in. So powerful and so difficult to resist!

Though so far all the videos I have come across is related to finding new opportunities — master job search/interview, craft your resume, etc…but I also see another opportunity where based on my profile, the kind of people I follow, the kind of stuff I share, LinkedIn Learning can tailor the video accordingly. As I am a Product/UX Designer, LinkedIn Learning can suggest me ‘How to do UX Research’ or ‘How to get Management buy-in’ or any such stuff. The possibilities are virtually endless. And each is an instant hook. Since I know I only need to spend X minutes, I am ok to give it a shot.

So to conclude, Dear LinkedIn, please put this where it belongs or at-least give me an option to customize my landing page so that I do not miss on this one.

If any PMs/Product Designers/UX Designers especially working in LinkedIn is reading this, would be very keen to hear your thoughts on this.