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Ask and Listen to your Self-friend!

  After following Tim Ferriss via his Podcast, his Philosophies, I have found that Stoicism is something which is definitely worthy of a pursuit as it will help me lead a better and a more meaningful life by focusing on what’s important to me and not what the world...

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Operating Principle & Plan for 2018

Another year has passed. We all have grown another year older. What I love about New Year is the ability to start afresh. Ability to introspect in how the year went and the ability to plan for the new year in how I want to be. Needless to say not everything goes as...

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In search of Buffet Pricing on Zomato

First things first, I love Zomato! As a food-lover (understatement), Zomato is one of my top most used app (we love eating out, trying and reviewing new places)on my Phone and needlessly to say is on my home screen. A lot of things they have done and continue to do,...

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Correlation between Manager and Parent

So its been 8 months since I became a Dad to a cute little monster (think Monsters Inc!)! 🙂 Its been a very rewarding start of the journey called Parenting for both me and my wife! Its been a very rewarding growth for both me and wife, more so for me as for a Wife...

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UX Audit – Practo, Part-2 (Android)

Note - This is a continuation of Part-1 where I had covered iOS app. I highly suggest reading that first to get a context, even though you may not be using an iOS app.  I constantly switch between devices on any given day. The device I use is the one which is the most...

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UX Audit — Practo, Part-1 (iOS)

P.S. — This post was NOT intended to be in parts, but then once I started I realized the scope merits to cover it in parts so that each part gets justice in comprehensiveness and completeness. Also to start with I am only taking stock of what exists (as a user and a...

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